Local multi-instrumentalist Martin Dosh will be bringing his talents to the intimate Turf, each Tuesday of this month. His eclectic layering of percussion, synthesizers, and various knobs and pedals have made him a crowd favorite here in the Twin Cities for over a decade now, known for his work with several other local projects such as Fog, Def Kith, and The Cloak Ox. He will be bringing special guests and friends every Tuesday, with a different theme each week. Come check out one of the most anticipated releases of new music, catch one or catch them all!

Sounds like: Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin



Wednesday night will be featuring all local acts from right here in the Twin Cities, including the heavy and loud Wolf Council, self-described as “kick ass rock”-- members including Steve Williams, Jeff Paske, and Steve Post. They will be accompanied by heavy metal band Nightosaur, who has no problem ripping long guitar solos throughout their September LP release, Set Fire to the Mountain. Progressive rock/metal outfit Metadacytl will also be on the bill, another Minneapolis band. Their newest self-titled EP features heavy riffs and Patrick Tierney on guitar and lead vocals, and grips audiences with his aggressive lyrics and melodies. Don't miss these three budding rock bands this Wednesday night.

Sounds like: Deafheaven, System of a Down, Dinosaur Jr.


Bobby Bare Jr will be returning to the Turf after a five year absence. In 2010 Bobby supported Jay Farrar, but this Thursday he will be headlining the first time here. His alternative rock incorporates several instruments and sounds, honing in grooves from the '70s in a notably fresh sounding approach. Sam Cassidy will be supporting this evening, a Minneapolis favorite known for his large group, and his neo-Americana vibes that the Turf audiences have come to love. Turf veterans Eleganza! will be also on the bill, who gained earned some notoriety here in St. Paul for their shows with Lee Bains and their headlining show in September.

Sounds like: Beck, The Black Keys, The 4onthefloor


Seattle native Eric Olbogen will be performing at the Turf for the first time this upcoming Friday night alongside Indiana indie rock band Mike Adams At His Honest Weight. Eric Olbogen, otherwise known as SAY HI, has been performing since 2002 and incorporates a classic rock feel into his synth-laden tracks effortlessly, a surely exceptional sound to be heard at the Turf. His SoundCloud page is filled with numerous tracks that are sure to win you over after a few tracks in. Mike Adams and his band will be performing tracks from their numerous Bandcamp releases, with guitar proficiency and an incredibly collaborative musical process, which is incredible live. Don't miss them, this Friday at the Turf.

Sounds like: Strand of Oaks, M83, Ben Folds Five

SATURDAY - GIRL GERMS Live Tribute To Women in Music

Local music writer Andrea Swensson of The Current will be hosting a very special event at the Turf Club this Saturday night. It will be featuring several local artists and groups who will be playing renditions of important women in music from all generations. Dessa accomplice and singer Aby Wolf will be performing songs by Kate Bush, local rockers Alpha Consumer will be covering Aretha Franklin, Kitten Forever will be paying tribute to Beyonce, K.Raydio will be performing Erykah Badu tunes, and Yoni Yum standing in for Marianne Faithfull. Many have been highly anticipating this awesome lineup, don't miss it this Saturday night.

Sounds like: Kate Bush, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce

SUNDAY - FRANKIE LEE & Friends (Clown Lounge)

Frankie Lee will be entertaining the crowd in the infamous Clown Lounge every Sunday this January, stop on by, because for only five dollars it is possible to catch one of the most celebrated folk artists in the Twin Cities currently performing. His weary alternative country tunes will make anyone shed a tear, filling the breaks with lyrics containing heartbreak, loneliness, and the drag of city life. Don't miss this heartfelt songs of local Frankie Lee every Sunday this month!

Sounds like: Bob Dylan, Dave Simonett, Neil Young


MONDAY - American Primitive with PAUL METZGER | STEVE PALMER | MATT HELGESON (Clown Lounge)

In the 1950's, guitarist John Fahey originated a style of music titled American Primitivism. It blends avant-garde, neo-classical compositions with intricate fingerpicking techniques leading to a very primitive and unique guitar style that was a major component of his discography and record label. In a free Clown Lounge show this Monday night, local legend Paul Metzger will be paying tribute to the genre for an evening of banjo and guitar picking. He surely has some surprises up his sleeve, so make sure not to miss this night of of the long-lost art of American Primitivism.

Sounds like: John Fahey, Colin Stetson, Bill Orcutt

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