Ryan Olcott is the founding member and lead singer of Minneapolis alternative rock band 12 Rods. The band found success in the ‘90s before disbanding in 1998, to be reunited tonight in a highly-anticipated First Avenue Mainroom show.

Interview by Andy Moe

First Avenue: This will be 12 Rods’ first Mainroom show in ten years, how are you feeling today as you look back?

Ryan Olcott: I feel good. I’m a little stressed but okay.

FA: You have mentioned you are reuniting every member of the band for your upcoming Mainroom show - tell me a little bit about the whole process of reuniting a group that has had several iterations.

Olcott: It's kinda been a pain in the ass but hopefully everything works itself out.

FA: You’ve been posting some photos of the band on Facebook rehearsing for the first time in over a decade, how does it feel playing your old tracks again?

Olcott: It’s been weird but fun.

FA: Your records do not seem to appear to be on Spotify, Rdio or other streaming services, what are your thoughts towards these products-- as an artist who released most of his work before these sites were established?

Olcott: I don't care about the industry anymore and all these crazy-ass services. If anyone wants to hear our music, there are a dozen ways to do so.

FA: Are there any local bands that have stood out the most in the past few years, including the exciting Fort Wilson Riot, whom you have worked with.

Olcott: Yeah. There's a lot. I book the fuck out of the Kitty Cat Klub so I see interesting local bands every day. Minneapolis and St. Paul are still good like that.

FA: How do you feel music has changed here in Minneapolis since the ‘90s?

Olcott: The music hasn't changed so much. People still like to play grunge, that's for fucking sure...but they're young, not even 21 yet. So, in that perspective, it's pretty cool. The kids are alright.

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Friday, January 16, 2015
with Rupert Angeleyes
$20 | 8pm | 18+