Who are you?
Tickle Torture

FA: Why are you here tonight?
TT: Because they asked me to play @IamMPLS. We have a fashion line designed by my friend Sierra.
FA: What does your set usually consist of?
TT: It usually includes some beautiful people painted gold from head to toe, and 10-15 confetti cannons and lots of baby oil and a golden crown. Basically all gold everything is our strategy. It just sort of started happening and then it built momentum and then people started wanting to be painted gold, people were asking and we just can’t stop it now.
FA: Do you guys just Amazon Prime the shit out of everything gold you can find?
TT: I provide the gold, it’s a mixture of baby oil and powder.
FA: How do you get the gold off?
TT: You can just wipe it off with a towel and what have you. It comes off pretty easy.

FA: If you had to be chased by either a goose or a lion, which would you pick?
TT: Lion. More fun, more interesting.
FA: Have you ever been chased by a goose?
TT: Yeah, it sucked. Geese are little assholes. Where the fuck are all the geese though? I feel like I didn’t see any flying south. Do you think they’re all just fucked? 


Clearly the Tickle Torture experience is not to be missed. Your next chance is New Year’s Eve in the 7th St Entry, but tickets are going fast…