First Avenue: The first time we met, you were introduced as “This is Brad. He makes things go.”

Brad: That was a while ago, but sure.

FA: How long have you been working here?

B: At least ten years.

FA: What was your first show?

B: My first show working was Korn (@korn_official). It was my first shift and they brought us in an hour before doors, handed us all a black t-shirt—they used to hire in classes back then. There were probably a dozen of us, they walked us all around, showed us the trouble light system, explained “You’re floor…” and then they put me in the moshpit.

FA: And?

B: My glasses were broken in the first half hour.

FA: So you mostly took it as a job to begin with, not because of the place being a draw?

B: Well, the place was a draw for me, the punk rock culture of it. But no, not as a fan. Strangely enough I’m in this industry but I don’t really go out much. I’m more a neighborhood bar guy. I work very early in order to make the place ready, and I’m not particularly well behaved by nature, so… staying out late makes what I have to do very hard. I take it pretty easy in order to get my gig done.

FA: Don’t you have an art degree?

B: Correct. I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Sculpture.

FA: How’d you end up doing this?

B: I knew a guy, and I liked working in the bar business.

FA: Do you really see this as the bar business?

B: It was when I started. Throughout my entire night staff career I was the guy who could fix stuff, so I did a lot of maintenance through that too. It just kind of steadily built up from there.

FA: It’s funny… Nothing’s really ever complete around here, is it?

B: Not really. At at the end of the day, stuff just wears out. Eighty years is about what you get out of iron pipes, apparently.


You probably won’t run into Brad but if you do, the secret to winning him over is to buy his dog, P.Nut, a cheeseburger… no really.