Wampire - Photo by Miliken Gardner

Wampire are a quintet now — a “real band,” if you will — and “Wizard Staff,” the lead single from sophomore full-length Bazaar, sounds a little more like serious business. Co-founder Eric Phipps even described his state of being during the album’s creation as “a Kafka-esque insomniac musical novelist,” which is some real artiste shit. The playful throwback kitsch that the band made its name on remains a primary factor, though. In fact, by virtue of its sax flourishes, “Wizard Staff” might be the most fun you’ve ever had with Wampire. - Stereogum premiere

Don’t miss their live show this Saturday Oct. 4, 2014!

w/ special guests Tops and Suzie
8:00pm (18+) @ the Entry
Sat. 10/4/14

(via wampiremusic on Tumblr)