First Avenue: Hey Amanda, tell me the story of how your parents met.

AA: My dad (Curtiss A) was opening for Prince one night and my mom was bartending. It went something along the lines of my dad asking my mom to dance, or Prince suggesting that they should dance. But they met, had my sister and then they had me.

FA: Your dad was opening for Prince?

AA: Yup. Prince would call and say he made some new jamz or something, and he wanted to come down and play them, but he’d be like “I’ll be there at midnight.” So when people say, “Your dad plays forever!” it’s because he’s used to filling up time… playing “Yesterday” seven times.

FA: What do you want to do “when you grow up”?

AA: I haven’t really nailed that down yet.

FA: What *don’t* you want to do?

AA: I know I don’t want to work in an office, or be “just a server.” I was thinking that I’d probably go back and get some sort of business degree and maybe eventually open a restaurant. I’m marrying someone with a culinary degree.

FA: Where did you meet your fiancé?

AA: Here, at First Avenue. We worked together while he was going to culinary school.

FA: That makes two marriages.

AA: Yup. We owe something to First Avenue, or maybe they owe something to us! I wouldn’t exist. I’m convinced I was probably conceived here for my natural magnetism to this building. But that’s horrifying… I did also make a slightly horrifying joke to (owner) Dayna Frank that my first childbirth would be a water birth in the Mainroom. [laughs]

FA: That’s so gross! So unsanitary!

AA: I went to a bridal expo the other day and every time I passed one of those boudoir photo booths I’d go “ICK absolutely not!” Well, guess who won second prize of a boudoir shoot anyway? Me.

FA: So you’re gonna do it?

AA: I’m going to email them and ask if my fiancé can do it for me instead.

Look for Amanda if you’re going to pass out at the club. She’ll fight tooth-and-nail to keep you from touching that nasty floor, even if she jokes about birthing a kid on it.