[Since Casey had the idea for #FacesOfFirstAve, it’s only fitting that he be our first subject.]

"The first time I played the Mainroom, I was probably 19 and we were opening up for the Ohio Players. I was in this nine-piece R&B band called Vanguard. I was wearing a kimono and I tripped… I fell off the stage the first time I played here because I tripped on a kimono I bought at Ragstock that day. It smelled really bad.

"Some of my fondest memories are of this place. I had my first fake ID taken here. The dude was just like ‘Fuck you.’ It was two-for-ones. He was just like, ‘Get out.’ Oh god, Tuesday night’s two-for-ones… But yeah, this ID said I was 6’5” and 28 and the guy was just like ‘No way.’ But it worked at the Cabooze every week! It did not work here."

Casey O’Brien is a bass player with Sonny Knight and the Lakers, PaviElle, and Mina Moore. He will always have a soft spot for Living Colour.