Recently, Patrick sat down with Yeahchad of Meatbodies with ten questions in anticipation of their upcoming North American tour. The Los Angeles-based garage rock band will be performing at Mohawk on June 11th. And you can also catch Chad guest bartending Mohawk’s happy hour earlier that afternoon, where you can ask him ridiculous questions like: “Why do people call you ‘Yeahchad’?” or “Is it true that you’ll only be playing KISS covers?” Oh, and he’ll make you a drink. 


Photo by Patrick Waites 

P: What is your beer/liquor of choice?
C: I like south of the border stuff, like Pacifico with lime and tequila. That or vodka drinks. For some reason every time I’m in “vacation” mode I drink “sex on the beach” – like some how that solidifies me as “havin a good time.”

P: Scenario: you name a cocktail “Meatbodies,” what would the ingredients be?
C: ACID and JA RULE mixed with LIME 

(full interview here)

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