Tuesday & Wednesday: JD McPherson (SOLD OUT)

The Turf will be hosting two sold-out JD McPherson shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. The Oklahoma native will be playing his 4th and 5th concerts here in the Twin Cities for traditional rock ‘n roll / R&B fans alike. The former visual artist has perfected a retro-style outfit that still feels authentic, working with vintage microphones and a 1960’s tape machine to record his debut in 2012, Signs and Signifiers. His Telecaster guitar riffs would make any Elvis fan happy. Oft-Turf residents The Cactus Blossoms will open at both shows.

Similar Artists: Shovels & Rope, Nick Waterhouse, Little Richard

Thursday: The Gooch Palms

Australian punk duo The Gooch Palms will be visiting the Turf on Thursday. Their debut Novo took the indie music world by surprise and triggered a re-pressing of the album almost immediately. Known for their extremely high-energy shows and known as “perfect garage rock”, you don’t want to miss their Twin Cities debut. Gooch Palms have been performing shows prolifically, and have toured with the likes of Thee Oh Sees and The Sonics and have been taking their homeland of Australia by storm.

Similar Artists: Black Lips, Jay Reatard, King Tuff, The Intelligence

Friday: Magic Castles + Ancient River + Pussytoes

It’s psych rock night! Enjoy the likes of locals Magic Castles, Florida-based Ancient River, and St. Cloud newcomers Pussytoes. After self-releasing three albums in 2009, Magic Castles were signed to a label, and are known for their organ-rich, dream-pop, neo-rock vibes. Their newest release, Sky Sounds was all recorded here at the Old Blackberry Way Studio in Minneapolis and has been a favorite of psych-rock fans nationwide.

Similar Artists: Weird Owl, All Them Witches, Brian Jonestown Massacre


Saturday: Birthday Suits | The Blind Shake | Whatever Forever

This Saturday, it will be local night at the Turf. Prissy Clerks’ own Clara Salyer will be performing with new project Whatever Forever that includes Dave Gatchell (Selby Tigers), Howard Hamilton III (Red Pens) and Dana Kim. Veteran Minneapolis space-rock trio The Blind Shake will also be alongside, as well as the reunited epic punk duo Birthday Suits.

Similar Artists: Michael Yonkers, Thee Oh Sees, Tyvek, Fuzz, Red Pens, Prissy Clerks

Sunday: Gastro Non Grata: Turf Club Tarnation

Hey everybody, are you as excited to see the new and improved Turf Club as we are? I sure hope so because this one is going to be a doozie. Since the newly remodeled Turf has a working kitchen again we’re going to be featuring the food of the in house chef Karl Lichtfuss. We needed a good St Paul brew to pair with Karl’s food so we went out and got Summit Brewing Co. The powerhouse of St Paul brewing. They’ll be unchaining some samples for you to keep your whistles wet.

On the music end we’re more than pleased to announce Sherwin Linton, the man who’s been elected to 11 different states Country Music Hall of Fames on top of being one of the hardest working Midwestern country artists out there. From 1956 to Today, Sherwin is still singing the songs of Elvis, Marty Robbins, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash. He also performs his own hits and originals plus the classic country, Folk and Cowboys standards we all know and love. Local Country & Western revivalists Whiskey Jeff & the Beer Back Band are back to regale you with songs of whiskey, heartbreak and hangovers. Nathan Miller will start the night off with some rootsy deep blues.

Performing Artists: Sherwin Linton, Whiskey Jeff & The Beer Back Band, Nathan Miller

Monday: Weedeater

The Bible Belt state of North Carolina, USA seems a fertile ground for hemp and stoner rock. When cult sludge act BUZZOV•EN called it a day, bass player Dave “Dixie” Collins teamed up with guitarist Dave “Shep” Shepherd and founded WEEDEATER in the harbor town of Wilmington about the year 1998. Their crushing and massive first full-length …and Justice for Y’all created an immediate buzz, while critics were struggling to put a tag on their sound. Nearly everybody agreed that stoner rock, doom, sludge and some crusty elements were part of the mix, which the band simply calls “weed metal”.

Similar Artists: Clutch, Melvins, Sleep, Eyehategod, Electric Wizard, Bongzilla