Tonight in the Entry: DROWNERS, with special guests Bully
Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING Tour 2014

While Drowners’ frontman Matthew Hitt is responsible for the elegantly understated lyrics throughout the album – the kind that adhere to his Salinger-esque economy of words – he professes that everything changed as soon as recording began. When Hitt, Jack Ridley III (guitar, vocals) and Erik Lee Snyder (bass) began to play, Hitt’s initial blueprint and the band’s extensive punk music background melded.

“Our live shows are a lot more aggressive,” Hitt emphasises, “With the album, we wanted to create like a sort of layered, fleshed out live show.” The result is an album that toes the line between music that sweeps the listener up, and lyrics that beg for their deep sensitivity and understanding. “Whether you think something is good or not is if you respond to it,” says Hitt. “I wanted to ellicit a response, but I want them to get whatever they want from it.” 

Catch Drowners & Bully live tonight (9/29) in the Entry, 7pm.