Ernest Greene, better known by his moniker Washed Out, has become well loved for his seamless melding of organic and synthetic sounds – his refined trademark dreaminess. With his most recent release, Paracosm, fans have also come to love the linear sonic story Greene crafts with each track. Adding more than 50 different instruments to his recording, Greene made a conscious decision to expand his sonic palette for Paracosm, and infusing it with lyrics riddled with the theme of escape (check out one of his singles, "Great Escape").

Washed Out
First Avenue Mainroom
Monday Sept 1, 2014
with Small Black
$16 | $18 | 7:30pm | 18+

If you're like us and "It All Feels Right" is your favorite song off Paracosm, you'll be excited to hear it's Greene's as well. He told Sub Pop, “'It All Feels Right' was one of the first songs that I started for Paracosm. It's my favorite song on the album because it's the closest to the vision I had when I started. Paracosm is the first work I've done where I knew from the beginning what I wanted it to sound like.” Sunny, hypnotic, laid-back chill wave that lends itself to a more tropical feel, returning to the importance of the beautiful escapism of the record.

Check out the new, gorgeously shot seven minute video for "Weightless", directed by David Altobelli. And of course, be sure to make it out to see Washed Out in the Mainroom this September - we can't wait to see you there!