Tuesday: Grayshot | Clocks and Clouds | Family Three

Three bands will make a heavy bill tonight, so be sure to get to the Turf a bit early to see an all-local line up. Grayshot is a Minneapolis three piece formed by brothers Aaron and Christian that describe their songs as “a rare hybrid of indie depth & heart with a large-audience ready sound.” Clocks and Clouds play a fusion of classical orchestration and rock music, with particular appeal towards emotional string solos from the violin and cello as well as blasting drum beats.  Family Three will also join them and will be continuing to search for, “what it means to put the passion of music in the front seat.”

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Wednesday: Chuck Mead (of BR549) & His Grassy Knoll Boys

It’s going to be main street Nashville in the Turf tonight. Chuck Mead’s latest record is a classic country release which he recorded in the historic studios of Nashville. Mead takes a deeply meditated and historical approach, “What if we got some of those great pickers and some guys from my band, and just play music the way they used to… sitting in the room and playing.”  With everyone firing on all cylinders and nailing that classic sound, the Turf couldn’t be a better place to be.

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Thursday: Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings was founded in a Cleveland basement, the one-man recording project of an unassuming, then 18-year-old student of song with a breathtaking ear for melody named Dylan Baldi. Prolific from the start, Baldi’s early work was rough but immediate: crudely recorded, spring-loaded spasms of Buzzcocks-informed pop that quickly found an online following among the lo-fi-inclined. Now the Cloud Nothings are on their third record, touring Europe and Australia with more good reviews than could be reasonably displayed on any one sheet.

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Friday: Mystic Braves

They can play the hell out of psyche rock. Mystic Braves have even been dubbed as a band that is so true to 60s era psyche rock that they play it better, if not more altruistically, than those who were there at the time! Pop Matters on their most recent album Desert Island, “[Mystic Braves] are all aswirl with reverb-y guitars, farfisa lines, tumbling bass and groovy lyrics, set to jaunty tempos and packed with enough sonic density to remain engaging even after dozens of listen.” Opening for Mystic Braves will be The Amendments and the man of a thousand faces, Jack Ventimiglia.

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Saturday: The Giving Tree Band

Led by enigmatic brothers Todd and "E" Fink, The Giving Tree Band plays a wide array of instruments from acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitars and banjos to violin, mandolin and pedal steel. A band's band, they all live together, travel together and do everything as one family, harmonizing their voices and lives on and off stage. Opening will be The Last Revel, who mix traditional folk melodies with a rebel rock sneer.

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Sunday: Frankie Teardrop Tour Kick-off

Carroll, Teenage Moods, and a Strange Names DJ set completes an all local send off to last year's exciting start-up rockers and City Pages’ best new band of 2014, Frankie Teardrop. Ready to take their album on the road, Frankie Teardrop will be bringing all the sneering, shoulder-shrugging nonchalance and guitar abuse that's already won over a legion fans locally.

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