Muja Messiah
God Kissed It The Devil Missed It Release Show - Friday, May 23 in 7th St Entry

Muja Messiah's upcoming new record, God KIssed It The Devil Missed It, will feature Brother Ali, Boots Riley (The Coup), I Self Devine, Planet Asia, Maria Isa, Nazeem & Mike The Martyr. Pink Promo will be serving as host for the record's release show in the Entry, where Muja Messiah will be joined by album producer Mike The Martyr, Metasota, Grip, and Bobby Raps along with DJ's Simone DJour and Turtleneck. God Kissed It The Devil Missed It is due out May 23, 2014 on Sound Verite Records, and here's an advance track to whet your appetite.

Diarrhea Planet - Wednesday, June 18 in 7th St Entry

Diarrhea Planet is a six-piece rock and roll band from Nashville, TN. Their sound has often been described as The Ramones holding Van Halen hostage with an arsenal of fireworks and explosives. Diarrhea Planet's four guitarists provide enough riffs to make Jack Black squeal like a schoolgirl, while lead singer Hodan delivers enough hooks to straighten the curl out of Justin Timberlake's hair. In a world of unintelligible lo-fi recording, reverb drenched vocals, and tuneless guitars, Diarrhea Planet aims to put the backbone back into rock and roll.

[...] The overwhelming volume and sheer brutality of their live onslaught satiates those who crave power and thunder, while the meek grovel on the beer-soaked floor. The wall of heavy riffage and intricate shredding infuses audiences with enough electrical energy to stave off sleep for the rest of the weekend. Despite their leanings towards punk and heavy metal, Diarrhea Planet swears by the Bible of pop. With a distinct emphasis on vocal hooks and harmonies, their shows often morph into massive, drunken sing-alongs.

Lukas Nelson & P.O.T.R. - Tuesday, July 1 in 7th St Entry

Lukas Nelson and his band P.O.T.R. (Promise of the Real) are an American rock n roll group based out of California. Lukas Nelson and P.O.T.R. have performed over 400 shows in the past 3 years and have played with the likes of Neil Young, John Fogerty, Bob Weir, B.B. King, and Bob Dylan. The band has self-released 4 records and will look to put out their next full length album in 2014.


Phox - Monday, August 4 in 7th St Entry

Phox, a "chamber pop" group from Baraboo, Wis., has been playing together for about two and a half years and will release its debut album June 24, the same day it kicks off a headlining tour. Snippets of Slow Motion were recently heard on NBC's Parenthood and Fox's Rake, though Martin says she views the group's live performances as more indicative of its growing audience. "For us, the progress is represented in shows that we play and how many more people are there to see us and people contacting us." Phox appeared last month at South By Southwest music festival in Austin, where Martin says it was great to get out of freezing Wisconsin. "We were just thrilled to be in the beautiful weather and the good company and the good food." [USA Today]

Boris - Tuesday, August 12 at the Triple Rock

The Japanese metal trio BORIS are back with a new album to follow up their 2011 LPs New Album, Attention Please, and Heavy Rocks. It's appropriately titled Noise, and it's out June 17 everywhere (except Japan) via Sargent House. That's their pummeling new seven-minute track "Quicksilver" and incredible album art above. In a statement, the band wrote, “If we had to suggest just one album for those unfamiliar with BORIS’ music, we will pick this for sure.” [Pitchfork]