MONDAY: Say Hi | Big Scary

Eric Elbogen, or Say Hi, is on tour this spring with Big Scary. As Barsuk labelmates, Say Hi and Big Scary make for an exciting bill considering their synergetic live presentation. Say Hi has also just released a new record, Endless Wonder, that features what Stereogum called, “[A] more bombastic release. Moving from brittle drums and glaring synths to sections of skronky guitars, it goes all over the map while still keeping a tight structure”.

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TUESDAY: Lost in the Trees

“We were killers in our past life, but it turned out alright” comes from the first line of the seductively catchy song Past Lives. Lost In The Trees’ most recent single is more than alright; featuring pop sensibilities, licks, and loops that garnish a groove past the everyday beat with sensational ease. The Entry will feature Lost In The Trees in their lush and melancholy craft of electronic-rock. All Tiny Creatures are opening with a delightfully strange display of pop that beckons comparisons to other planets.

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Bad facial hair, pizza, and a cynical preference for party critique would sum up White Fang, if they did not also rock so hard. Surprisingly, White Fang does have a song that valorizes a sober approach to existence, “I don’t need drugs to make me feel stupid,” but maybe this is because their steady diet of Taco Bell has them so high on life. Opening for our White Fang is Skating Polly and local champs of life-in-the-fast-food-lane Frankie Teardrop. Crack open a Mountain Dew, finish that last slice of ‘za you bought last week, and head over to The Entry for party pants and weirdos.

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THURSDAY: Lydia Loveless

Loveless’ third album is a country-punk record laced with nuanced lyrics and americana rock and roll. Her live shows have been described as blistering and she chooses to refer to album as anxiety-provoking. There is something that is not quite addressed however, Loveless is an intelligent chemist of americana. Her affections for near classic influences like The Replacements, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, and The Pretenders makes for an excellent show. Taking the stage first will be local lovely folksters; The Sudden Lovelys.

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FRIDAY: Welcome 2 The Clover Release Party featuring Lil’ Flip & Absentu

Houston rapper, white cup gangster, and recent author Lil’ Flip is coming to The Entry with homegrown Absent to release his latest record Welcome 2 The Clover. Flip has been turning it up on social media for over a month to promote this show, and it’s going to be wild. Knick-named The Freestyle King, Flips live shows are never the same and be certain that the entire familia will be there to support his latest record, clothing company, new book, and special liquor.

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SATURDAY: We Are Scientists

It has been two years since we have seen We Are Scientists, but they are back with a brand new experiement, TV En Francais. Humorous, but more often very often than that Keith Murray and Chris Cain are smirkingly intelligent and quite dancey. They have had an interesting progression as artists. They started in California, then moved to New York to satisfy a pleasent following in Brooklyn, only to tour the European scene and break into top twenty charts in the UK. It may be worth going to see them to also test yourself as to where your own music taste finds itself geographically. Please rate your experience LA-good to NY-great to UK-super-awesome-show-good-job-guys-I’ll-buy-a-shirt.

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The west coast of Wisconsin is not typically thought of as a hotbed of alternative reggae music. However, TUGG, hailing from La Crosse, WI has done an amazing job channeling tropical grooves and breezy melodies and has quickly become a top draw in the Midwest and beyond.

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