MONDAY: STI-LO REEL'S MLK Album Release Show

This is the show you all been waiting for. You heard the classic album "MLK" now here's your chance to see it performed live by MN's Illest rapper Stan Sti-Lo Reel Scott of Pledge Empire Records. He's been on 2 tours that included many US cities and London and he's been up for many awards. On Feb 17, he will be in his own backyard for a legendary performance in his city. We will have "MLK" physical cds all ready for purchase make sure you pick it up. We also have some dope performances from Ced Linus, BigWiz WizeEnt, BdotCroc, Lyric Marid & SOTA-KOLD. [Facebook Event]

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The local experimental art-rock trio Bollywood recently released their new single, "Loot," which now gets the video treatment from Will Schoen and the group themselves. The song blends a menacing guitar riff with jazzy undertones, while the fuzzy visual collage featured in the clip only adds to the spacey, expansive nature of the track itself. [Gimme Noise]

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With haunting synth guitars and textured percussion, an Incan Abraham song feels like a memory even the first time you listen to it, a soundscape for a road trip you've already taken. Lead singer Teddy Cafaro's wistful, almost lazy- sounding vocals evoke a younger Bono who isn't trying so hard. Those lucky enough to have stumbled upon the Los Angeles–based group, playing at a rooftop party, swayed in the warm air and took a much needed break from the pace and noise of the festival's chaotic scene. []

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Comprising three Southern brothers on a humble mission to distort roots-rock to the point of oblivion, Pontiak comes across like Kings Of Leon from a darker alternate dimension. On Echo Ono, the trio of Van, Lane, and Jennings Carney have crafted their best work yet: a shotgun wedding of twang, texture, and gritty, progressive garage-blues that never sacrifices soul for the sake of brinksmanship. Instead, it embraces both. "Expanding Sky" hemorrhages loose, ragged, Wilco-esque harmonies while loping along like a wounded buck; "North Coast" adds a jazzy, post-rock elasticity to its epic riffage. [AV Club]

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together PANGEA do rock 'n' roll as it was meant to be – raw, unpredictable, and probably dangerous, but also blazing with intelligence, emotion, and edgy experimentation. The Los Angeles-based trio made their bones as purveyors of post-millennial punk, but with their third full-length release – and Harvest Records debut – BADILLAC, they pay their debt to the supersonic 90s rock that first inspired them. The band has not sacrificed a spurt of precious energy, instead integrating nuance and dynamic momentum to songs like "No Way Out" and the undeniably badass title track. The volcanic riffs and massive melodies are matched by an equally provocative lyrical stance, with songs like "Sick Shit" and the album-closing "Where The Night Ends" casting an acerbic eye over the wreckage of the party they helped start – it's 3am and the drunken fun has given way to sexual panic, anxiety and self-doubt.

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The Eau Claire, Wisconsin band Adelyn Rose works people into its songs who feel like they are whispers. They feel like they're thinking themselves gone, as if they were able to take a poke at their other forearm or try to muss up someone else's hair and there would be nothing there. It would all just be a milky illusion. There are ways to still come into contact with these people, but they are usually elsewhere, taking in what they need and dreaming the rest of it out, like carbon dioxide. They are people who sometimes feel as if they're made of kindling as well. They're waiting for someone to set them afire, burning them all the way down to the ash they know they're made of. There's a resilience to them that still can never mask their tenderness. [Daytrotter]

BBGUN began in a sunny living room, over coffee, on a Friday morning that quickly turned into every Friday morning. Musicians and songwriters Al Church and Neal Perbix's distinct styles, matured over years of Minneapolis gigs, wove to form lyrics that are both contemplative and playful and harmonies both sophisticated and singable. Complemented by Jeremy Hanson's expert, easy drumming, their rock 'n' roll tunes sound best blasted from the speakers of a pickup truck. BBGUN's solid debut album documents the anxiety and surprising joys of trading in late-night cigarettes for a kind of settling down.


Out of Minneapolis, The Farewell Circuit creates warm indie pop to go with astonishingly lush, electronic backgrounds. The bells and keys give the sound a bout of melancholy as well as its momentous drive, and the tenor vocals rarely overpower the floating instrumentation. Easily accessible, yet not without a darker merit, The Farewell Circuit will surely stick with you in times of despair and desire; the longing sense you want and need is present in every song. [Knoxroad]

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Chicago, IL rock band EMPIRES have emerged with an exciting new collection imbued with a thick-skinned Midwestern charm. Orphan, the band's debut LP for Chop Shop Records out later this year, was produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, The Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky). Empires finished recording their second full length album, Garage Hymns, in 2012. The band's self-produced debut album, Howl, garnered a massive amount of attention when they released it on their website back in 2008, and now, with Garage Hymns, Empires feels that they have found the sound they've been searching for all along.

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