Communist Daughter dropped by McNally Smith last fall to take part in their Sound Bite Concert Series, and video of the stirring performance has just surfaced. In the intimate surroundings, the group delivers a poignant, rousing performance that is perfectly captured by the McNally's talented audio/visual team. The video also catches the insightful conversation and interview between the Current's Dave Campbell and Communist Daughter's Johnny Solomon, where he openly shares stories about his past, his music, and his inspirations, a segment which proves to be as rewarding as the performance itself. [Gimme Noise]

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COZY: The very name alone is enough to send legions of teenagers the world over into paroxysms of joy!!!! COZY are four young men who have captured the hearts of fans across the globe with their movie star looks, boyish charm, dapper denim outfits, and a stage show that is truly out of this world!!!! Just ask any of their innumerable female devotees and they will tell you COZY are the hottest band in the land in every possible sense of the word!!!!




Minneapolis-based trio RABBIT HOLES dropped It's Not Alright at the end of 2013 and we just caught an earful. Big Action Records brings us two tracks of their ecstatic garage pop, coming on black vinyl housed in 3-color hand-screened sleeves. These guys come barging out in a big way with this gem. These two tracks are loaded with caffeinated guitar hooks and anthemic vocals, forging their own bold and energetic take on melodic garage pop. The songs are clean and polished but they're not buried in noise either, making them fall somewhere in the mid-fi range as they pummel us hook after hook. Reverberating vocals sound slightly echoed, backed by colorful waves of melodic guitars and punchy rhythms. "It's Not Alright" is an expansive track in it's own right, beginning as a punk-inflected stomper before it begins to grow in size. Guitars swell with a sweeping haze as they begin to chant over the crashing drums, wrapping up only one side of this fabulous slice of wax. "I Ain't Coming Back Tonight" keeps the heavy hits flowing, decorated with catchy vocal hooks that stick to you like glue – "Right beside my bedroom/ wondering who's there with you. Lookin' out my window/ wishin' I could be there too." Guitars are led by a ferocious buzz, culminating with high-voltage soloing that has a blunt, surfy tone. [Styrofoam Drone]

Porch Knights was formed in an attic, honed in the basement, and conceived within the Twin Cities music scene. A duo with too many influences, the Porch Knights aim to beat them all. They fight the handicap of Norwegian descent by adopting the blues; The Porch Knights rock and/or roll. Ryan Bandy and Maxwell Kubala.

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Fronted by prolific musician Jeffrey Novak — who emerged onto the garage rock playing field as a one-man band, Cheap Time has been pumping out singles and albums since 2007, including three full-lengths on In The Red. Novak finds a way to squeeze in a plethora of influences into stripped-down, two-to-three minute songs. At times, the band boasts a sprightly howl that echos The Saints and The Real Kids; and two-and-half minutes later you might be hearing the sleazy, tremolo-heavy sludge of The Cramps; but Novak will be damned to leave out a Kinks-like hook on an album. Despite several lineup changes, Cheap Time has powered through the rock 'n' roll touring circuit in clubs, headlining tours and opening for bands like Mudhoney and Guitar Wolf. Last fall the band released its third full-length album, Exit Smiles. [CBS Seattle]

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Inc. made a powerful album. Not much of no world is particularly aggressive, and much of it is subtle and slow, but they have harnessing the sultry creep of modern R&B and paired it with their impeccable chops. "Angel," one of the album's standouts, moves along at midpace, rimshots mixed with mini machine gun hi-hats with the lilting vocal plea, Take me to the river and I'll be your angel. There's a dark side to them, sure, but the song is played and produced precisely, with nothing to hide. You can be the devil and I'll be your angel, they sing, quite sure of their place in the light. California-based Andrew and Daniel Aged, the two brothers who make up inc., have a history as session musicians playing with the likes of Pharrell and Raphael Saadiq, and their music takes those artists' basic need for rhythm and turns it sideways. no world is fundamentally beautiful, certainly hummable, but also supernatural, less interested in worming its way into your heart than taking over your body. [The Fader]

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Despite the three-year gap between the release of 2010's Subiza and 2013's Apar, it sounds like the Spanish pop-electronic combo Delorean never took a break from recording. Apar is just as dream-inducingly lush and layered as Subiza, which was very lush and layered indeed. As before, the band take the best parts from the baggy dance styles of the '90s, add shimmering dream pop textures, bleepy bedroom techno electronics, and candy-sweet indie pop melodies sung by Ekhi Lopetegi in a very heartfelt whisper, then whip it up into a light-as-air confection that's sweeter than super-sugary candy. [AllMusic]

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The Best Love is Free ( #TBLIF ) is an annual event and compilation CD brought to you by the fine folks at Polkadot Mayhem, and proudly sponsored by Copycats Media. For the past five years, #TBLIF has worked to expose exceptional music to new audiences. We strive to create connections between artists and fans alike. The twin cities community has been quintessential to the events longevity and success. Each event is jam-packed with uniquely curated performances by both emerging and established artists. All well dressed attendees receive a FREE Compilation CD with every ticket purchased. The CD showcases a unique blend of national and local talent, crafted by the squares over at Polkadot Mayhem. In the past, contributors included: Polica, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Astronautalis, Prof and many others! For our fifth and final year, we will be taking over both First Avenue AND 7th St Entry. This will prove to be a fitting farewell to a beloved five year tradition.

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Apart from being a giggle-worthy spoonerism of a certain Scientologist's name, Com Truise is the alias of Seth Haley — a New York producer who prefers to picture himself as an android astronaut while he's crafting his far-out electronic soundscapes. On February 18, he'll at last release a proper follow-up to his perfectly titled 2011 album Galactic Melt — the Wave 1 EP will arrive via Ghostly International and comprise six new songs, including the one you'll find below. "Subsonic" begins with a slow ambient build, but when that crest breaks, we're left with glistening synths, a steady thud, skittering hi-hats, and squelching bass frequencies. It's a bit Boards of Canada meets the Drive soundtrack, though this particular melding of retrofuturism and au courant production is a hallmark of Com Truise's unique touch. [SPIN]

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