Best New Band: Fury Things
Each weekday leading up to our Best New Bands of 2013 showcase next Thursday in the Mainroom, we will be sharing an interview with each of the seven artists. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard Fury Things before?
We’re loud. We’ve been called a “throwback” band and it’s been said that we “channel the 90s” in a way, but at the end of the day, we write songs we’re proud to share and excited to perform. We’re a trio, but people have been surprised by just how much noise and texture we can create with three instruments. So, I guess a succinct definition of our sound could be: “Loud, textured and catchy.”

What are Fury Things’ plans for 2014?
It’s hard to think about the end of the year when 2014 is only weeks old, but I know we’ll be putting out a 7”, releasing a music video and recording a debut album in the coming months.

How excited/nervous are you to playing the Mainroom for first time as Fury Things?
I think anyone even remotely close to the First Ave stage can feel the excitement. It’s legendary. It’s an icon and it’s very humbling to have the opportunity to play there. I don’t think any of us are nervous, but it’s hard not to feel a little lump in your throat when the screen first rises above you. I’m just stoked to get to hear how our songs translate to a big room!

If you could share First Avenue’s Mainroom stage with any two performers (current or present), which acts would they be?
In my ultimate rock and roll daydreams I’d like to see us play with bands like Superchunk, Metz, Queens of the Stone Age or The Thermals.

What do you think makes Minneapolis a hotbed of musical talent? 
We know how to keep it positive and supportive. Plus, I think we’re all hearty individuals who need mentally fulfilling things to do when the roads get icy.

What other local bands do you think people should know about?
All of the bands on the Best New Bands bill are fantastic. Other favorites of ours include Prissy Clerks, BNLX, Animal Lover, Buildings, Muscle Beach, Gloss, Strange Relations, Kitten Forever and Brilliant Beast.

Where can folks find out more about Fury Things?
On Facebook at and on Bandcamp at

See Fury Things at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013 presented by Radio K next Thursday, January 30. $7 tickets are available here and at all First Avenue ticket outlets.