Best New Band: Black Diet

Each weekday leading up to our Best New Bands of 2013 showcase this Thursday in the Mainroom, we will be sharing an interview with each of the seven artists. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard Black Diet before?
We sound like a garage band fused with an r&b band, which to me just sounds churchy. Lots of energy, lots of harmonies.

What are Black Diet’s plans for 2014?
There are many. We’re going to be doing a few small tours of the Midwest, putting out our first (and second?!) album(s), cutting Mitch’s hair, and hopefully playing some big stages during festival season. Summer can’t come soon enough.

How excited/nervous are you to playing the Mainroom for first time?
I’m a low key person, and I’ll tell you, I shrieked when I found out. We’ve put in a lot of work toward make this show special, though, so I feel prepared. I’m sure I’ll be a wreck right before we’re about to hit the stage, so enjoy watching that play out.

If you could share First Avenue’s Mainroom stage with any two performers (current or present), which acts would they be?
Southside Desire and Lake Street Dive. Those harmonies stay killing me. Also both bands have this melancholy streak that makes me want to stare out of a rainy window. Dream bill!

What do you think makes Minneapolis a hotbed of musical talent? 
People are willing, nay eager, to work with other people. You learn so much so fast. That collaborative spirit raises the stakes for everyone. If someone asks you to be on a track, you don’t want to embarrass yourself, so you’ve got to keep your team strong.

What other local bands do you think people should know about?
Southside Desire

Where can folks find out more about Black Diet? | | Honestly we’re on everything. Every single thing. Find us and send us nudes.  


See Black Diet at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013 presented by Radio K this Thursday, January 30, 2014. $7 tickets are available here and at all First Avenue ticket outlets.