The party is done, friends, and it was fun while it lasted. The Word Party is moving on to the great green pasture in the sky, no longer hanging on the edges of the scene. One of our first big shows was our EP release at the Entry, and we hope you'll join us again for our last big show at the same place. Some of us are gone, some of us are still here, but either way this will be the ++best show we've ever played. *°*The particles are telling me so, and believe me, when they feel like talking you should listen.*°* Otherwise, what point is chaos? Let us be one of voice. I can't feel my toes. ⁄l⁄⁄u⁄k⁄⁄e ⁄e⁄d⁄i⁄t ⁄t⁄h⁄iŒs.

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TUESDAY: New Year's Eve with NIGHT MOVES

With inspiration ranging from Pink Floyd and Todd Rundgren to Curtis Mayfield and Neil Young, Night Moves' debut album blends both psychedelia and Americana, with modest bursts of soul and pop. The core members of Night Moves, guitarist/lead vocalist John Pelant, bassist Micky Alfano and multi-instrumentalist Mark Ritsema, grew up together in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and spent their younger years rotating in and out of one another's musical orbits. After a couple of promising false starts, the trio re-coalesced in 2009 in earnest as Night Moves and began recording.

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Straight up skull-shattering is what comes to mind when hearing Japanese noisesters Ultra Bidé. They're hyper-energetic and relentless, without ever taking themselves too seriously to have fun on their first US record in over 10 years! The trio's dual bass and drum attack is a monster that pounds you ever so thick and creamy, into a custard donut cooked by Satan. Led by singer/bassist Hide, Ultra Bide will guide you across the complicated galaxy of DNA vs. DNA-c, and you're not always sure you will survive the voyage.

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FRIDAY: Bring on the New Year: KASPER EP Release Party

Swiftly rising up the ranks of the international DnB community, Kasper's resume is undoubtedly the most robust of any DnB producer/DJ that Minnesota has ever seen. By the age of 22, he has had releases on goodlooking, Fokuz, Celsius, Influenza, Soul Deep, Liquid Brilliants, and Telluric recordings. Not just a producer, Kasper's prowess as a DJ has been witnessed across the globe, from Poznan Poland, to Brooklyn New York. Kasper is one of only a handful of artists that represent the next generation of intelligent drum and bass. This infectious sound, not to mention his towering height, combine to make Kasper one to keep your eye on.

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As producer, Psymun has created a sprawling dream world where K.Raydio reigns supreme. Anchored in unadorned beats and eerie samples, the instrumentation flickers and flows and flips on itself, a perfect foil to K.Raydio's fluid melodies. LucidDreamingSkylines is an album of shifting moods and many colors, but throughout, it is consistently beautiful and expansive. This is not an album to let wash over you. Like a lucid dream, it is an album to walk through and explore.

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Winterset is like being "nuzzled by the downy fleece of a llama while drinking your favorite frothy libation." [Bewildered Mother]



With influences ranging from prodigious guitar pickers such as Doc Watson, Leo Kotke, and Kelly Joe Phelps, to the more soulful folk poetry of Elliott Smith, Gillian Welch, and Paul Simon, the music represent a unique synthesis of old-time picking and the indie here-and-now. Nathaniel combines complex finger-style guitar work with thoughtful, melodic vocal lines to create a sonic experience that is truly fresh and impactful.

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