Electrosoul collective ZULUZULUU has never pulled punches, and their re-emergence as astralblak finds the band pushing their sonic limits, while holding themselves accountable. The song matches a retro synth beat to one of the band’s tightest hooks. Melting synths fill out open spaces beneath a massive beat. As for the name change, it came as the result of soul searching about cultural appropriation and being true to their message as a band:

The main reason for the name change was a matter of authenticity and accountability. Being that none of us is directly related to the actual Zulu tribe of South Africa, we collectively decided that changing the name would be the most respectful course of action. astralblak is universal as in connecting with the universe, it is all encompassing in its narrative of blackness and highlights the diversity in all of our individual experiences as artists and members of the unified diaspora.
- astralblak (formerly ZULUZULUU)