A very talented and attractive face on Michigan's comedy scene; Zach has been making waves on stages across the country. With his sarcastic wit and lovable arrogance, Zach takes his observations and life experiences and tries to figure out whose fault it all is. It certainly can't be his.

Essentially, he was brought up in a family that belongs on television. Parents that were married and divorced three times; to each other, a gay brother who happens to be a male model and two sisters who redefine sugar & spice; Zach is one of the few standup comedians that can say he is the normal one in his family.

Zach has been taking his act across the US, spreading laughter at any opportunity he can get. Performing at festivals such as Laughfest, Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival, and The World Series of Comedy; as well as working with the likes of Michael Kosta, Rory Scovel, Tommy Johnagin, Tom Segura and Lachlan Patterson Zach has an energy that is all his own and leaves crowd thinking “I don’t know what he’s so upset about, but I’m sure glad he is.”