Since arriving in Minneapolis, MN in 2005, guitarist Zacc Harris has become one of the leading voices in the upper Midwest modern jazz community. He is at the heart of many of the areas most exciting groups, co-leading 2011 City Pages Jazz Artist of the Year Atlantis Quartet, and fronting the Zacc Harris Group, Monk In Motian, Vital Organ, and the Zacc Harris Trio.

Jazz Improv Magazine says "Harris delivers a sound that is lucid, clear...providing rich-sounding accompaniment, and well-crafted solos" while Cadence Magazine calls his work on Atlantis Quartet's latest album "worthy of John McLaughlin." In May 2012, Harris released his debut album with Zacc Harris Group, a collection of ten tunes titled The Garden. Rick Mason of the City Pages wrote, "The Garden showcases Harris's compositions, which adeptly and compellingly link the past and future of jazz, and guitar work, which is consistently articulate with an enticing fluidity seemingly influenced by the like of Wes Montgomery and Pat Metheny." MPR's David Cazares states, "Harris makes his own mark on standards with enough new hooks to keep jazz alive."

Harris has been teaching jazz guitar, jazz bass, and jazz composition at Hamline University since 2010. He has been teaching privately for over a decade. He holds a BA in Music from Southern Illinois University and has studied with Fareed Haque, Jonathan Kreisberg, and Adam Rogers. He has performed with a number of great musicians including Babatunde Lea, Nancy Harms, Imani Uzuri, Sheila Raye Charles, Bruce Henry, Eric Gravatt, and Debbie Duncan.