Warren Thomas Fenzi is best known for his explorations in sound, story telling and songwriting that draw from the wide open landscapes of the Southwest of which he grew up around. As a multi-instrumentalist, Fenzi concocts a diverse array of sounds and styles hinting at Indie Rock, Ambient, Soul and Folk. His aim is to create something refreshing, inspiring and innovative while inviting his listeners on a journey of introspection. With a strong under-current of Warren’s work maintaining a message of honesty, growth and transformation, he continues to evolve his art with an unyielding earnestness that is undeniable.

Fenzi recently released his debut record titled WTF and is currently working on a follow up EP, set to be released summer 2018.

"Fenzi imagines it like a movie, with each song a different scene. Drawing upon bands like the Shins, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Modest Mouse, his sound is atmospheric, evocative of the wide West Coast vistas he grew up around." —City Pages

"weaving a wonderful tapestry that hints at warm desert nights...just the right amount of smooth, warm desert breeze" —Twin Cities Media.net

"aiming to give people a sense of discovery" —LaCrosse Tribune

"a bevy of dreamy, melancholic-pop tunes, replete with full instrumentation that extends from your expected drums, guitars, etc – all the way through strings and brass" —Reviler.org

"Turquoise Rock" —KVSC 88.1 FM

“Beyond catchy, it delivers a kind of honest tough love message that manages to be very upbeat at the same time.” —Rift Magazine