Worst Days Down is punk rock band based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Started in 2011 as a solo acoustic project of vocalist/guitarist Ben Sir, it has since fleshed out into an ensemble. They partnered with Europe’s Gunner Records (former home to notable bands such as The Gaslight Anthem and Frank Turner, with current bands such as Pears and Red City Radio filling out the roster) to release their full band debut, Elsewhere, on March 3, 2017 and to tour heavily in support of it.

Following the breakup of a previous band, Sir continued writing songs while volunteering with wildlife in Guatemala, and returned to Canada with ambitions of chronicling travels and tours under the name Worst Days Down. In the intervening years he played throughout Canada, The United States, Mexico and Central America, and released one acoustic album, 2013’s Money, God and Other Drugs.

In 2014 Kevin Klemp (guitar/vocals,) Matt Murphy (bass/vocals,) and Jerome Tovillo (drums/vocals,) filled out the band and they performed their first show together for a TV special (Telus TV’s Secret Setlist). Since then Worst Days Down have played throughout North America, The United Kingdom and Europe alongside notable acts such as The Mad Caddies, Lagwagon, Chuck Ragan, The Flatliners, Northcote, Joey Cape, A Wilhelm Scream, Dave Hause,, Brendan Kelly and many others.

With the release of the energetic new album Elsewhere, and the backing of Gunner Records, the band stands poised to further their reach and impact. The goal has always remained constant, to get out into the world, and see how it shapes their experiences and music.

“Worst Days Down have that classic feel good rock and roll vibe. Sounds like Bruce Springsteen on a dirt road in an old pickup truck listening to The Descendents full blast.”
– Stu Mckillop, owner of Rain City Recorders and singer of Youth Decay