Will Sheridan is a Brooklyn based new wave mix of dance, hip hop, and pop, performing artist breaking the molds of the music industry. Will Sheridan born in the small town of Bear, DE dreamed of living a big life of love, passion and the pursuit of happiness. While playing basketball at Villanova University his coach Jay Wright, a father figure, told him that the key to a successful life is finding what you're passionate about and making a meaningful career into it. Following his coach’s advice, Will Sheridan ventured off to do precisely just that.

After playing professional basketball internationally, Will Sheridan moved to New York City, where he wrote for Source Magazine and immersed himself into the nightlife and the music scene. As a result, Will Sheridan cultivated his passion for people and developed his voice as an artist. In his words, "I have a unique narrative and I want to share it with the world. It only helps that I'm a natural born entertainer and want everybody to be in on this big ass party- I call life!"

You can now find Will Sheridan serving up energetic, eclectic and electrifying sets at his two monthly parties Eclectic Collective at Fatbaby and Westside Wednesdays at Rockbar. Will Sheridan is also performing throughout the city at venues such as Santos Party House, Bowery Poetry, R Bar and Public Assembly to name a few. The first official EP, Ngoma, which is Swahili for "music," was released through Royal Advisor Records, included the viral song and YouTube video, "Welcome to the Jungle.” Receiving astounding support from an assorted fan base and over 50,000 views of the "Welcome to the Jungle” video in the first week cemented Will Sheridan’s celebrity.

After coming out in a lengthy ESPN story titled: Will Sheridan: I'm Proud Of Who I Am by ESPN writer Dana O'Neil and following a public appearance on Outside the Lines with Bob Ley, Will Sheridan has undoubtedly become a public figure in the LGBT community. Through his story and especially his music, Will Sheridan will continue to speak to an audience nation wide about his life and how he lives free of limitations. "Yeah, I thought it was more about me and really it has helped more people than I could've ever imagined. Random people come up to me at restaurants, on the subway and at work and say, 'You're Will Sheridan, your story inspired me, man!' That's how I know I'm moving in the right direction," Will Sheridan states.