The Wicked Bees is a reggae/ska infused horn rock band formed in Fargo/Moorhead. Their new EP People Change captures the band’s most exciting original music recorded, produced, and mastered with some of the best of the Minneapolis music scene. Formerly known as “The Ska Skank Redemption,” the band’s core members Dan (guitar/vocals), Clyde (bass), and Andrew (drums) came together by chance while visiting a local music store. Through a mutual love of Green Day, third wave ska, and reggae, their band was born.

For five years the band played throughout the upper Midwest building a following of loyal fans and a reputation for an electric live show. In the summer of 2013, the band recorded and released its first EP, The Wicked Bees. The EP drew attention and acclaim from the national and international ska/reggae scene:

“Wicked Bees,” a self-produced, full recording of maturity that confirms the adage that quality does not expect the number of years.” - Rudeboy Train (France)

“Fun, funky and dancey. The tracks are tight and concise packages of big sound and instrumentation and the production work is well executed.”- Skope Magazine

“All things considered, SSR’s EP is exceptional, upbeat without feeling rushed, well thought out, and the recording is high-quality.”- Ska Lives

With People Change, the Ska Skank Redemption felt it was time for them to make a change as well. Enter The Wicked Bees. With the new name, expect new focus and dedication to original music paired with their continued effort to make each live show a fun and unique experience for fans, both young and old.