With St.Paul, MN emerging with a variety of talent, Khaliq adds his distinctive flow and delivery to the cities forefront, with aggression and relatable perspectives to connect with fans and listeners.

Growing up in a low class family Khaliq's Lyricism is driven by an unstable lifestyle and finding the truth. Khaliq often goes from Narrative perspectives, Third person perspectives, to even extroverted & introverted attitudes motivating people through life's obstacles with music that creates an relatable experience to fans, connecting with them through real life events.

Back in 2012, Khaliq created a movement called "FREEliving" which he developed for his followers to feel apart of him as an artist and person. The acronym FREE stands for "Fans R Entirely Everything" which was his message to his fans that we're all together and without them he's not Why Khaliq. With a FREE mind and spirit Khaliq extended the meaning of FREEliving for those who are open minded to the world we live in and dont confine them selves to boundaries.

Khaliq has released 3 mixtapes and a LP since his beginning in 2011, but his latest and most current release was his LP: The Otherside: The Six5 Following the latest release of Room 603 in 2014, St. Paul native delivers a new and improved self proclaimed listening experience. Composed of city sounds, jazz influenced production and aggressive lyrical work. The Otherside: The Six5 explains Khaliq's obstacles he has faced growing up in Saint Paul, MN through crispy production like "Bread Crumbs" or upbeat records like "Inner City" where he tackles issues like stereotypes, and prejudice.