"Created from immaculate conception and born out of wedlock, White Dads met in a forest before a large storm, it was here that they developed photosynthesis and also their distinct hip shaking "sound". Legend has it, it was White Dads who first combined #Rock music with their new experimental "Roll" sound into one musical genre. Also, all women are sexually attracted to them."

White Dads are a Minneapolis based indie pop-rock super group with a rotating cast of talented musicians from the surrounding area. Their electrifying live shows have been melting faces and hearts all over the Midwest, and they have quickly built a cult-like following. Founders Nicholas Christopulos and Samuel Wilbur were born and raised in Sioux Falls, where they started their auspicious musical careers at a young age. As adults, the two regrouped at the University of Minnesota and have been writing and recording music together since 2011.