The Whiskies are a Twin Cities acoustic fronted band. Whether it be the two man show, trio or full band, the acoustic guitars lead the charge. The Whiskies play everything from rock and blues to pop and current country. Along with this pure sound, they bring two, three and four part harmonies and unbelievable acoustic leads you will not hear in any other acoustic driven show. The show is geared to keep people energized, play what they want to hear and keep them on their feet.

Scott Anderson brings to the band his unmatched acoustic lead guitar skills and his ability to achieve a variety of sounds from his guitar. Along with this he also leads his lead vocals and harmonies. He fronted for the band Stone Remedy, which was also a two and three piece acoustic act. Dave Phipps brings to the band his rhythm guitar, lead vocals and harmonies. Dave created The Whiskies in 2011 and continues to manage the band as well. Previously he fronted for the band The Durty Nellys and Under the Covers.

Backing up Dave and Scott in the full band show is Scott Maleska and Mark Prior. Scott brings not only his great third part harmonies but his extensive bass, fiddle and saxophone abilities into the mix. Keeping that thumping beat and the band tight is Mark Prior. Mark brings to the band his Years of percussion skills along with adding harmonies and gang vocals.

The Whiskies are currently playing all over Minnesota, Iowa and parts of Wisconsin. They have released their first CD blending together their different styles to create a sound that falls somewhere between Dave Mathews, Mumford & Sons and the Gear Daddies. They are currently writing and recording their second.