From the moment No Luck kicks on, its apparent What Tyrants are on a mission to pack as much relentlessly paced riffage into their 13-track debut album as humanly possible. And they succeed wildly in doing so. The power trio, made up of brothers Sean and Kyle Schultz and Garrison Grouse, have distilled touchstones from noise pop, skate-punk, and surf into short, fuzzed-out sonic outbursts, freakouts that go down easy and beg repeating.

The songs are also an opportunity for Sean Schultz to lay down some hard truths. But while Schultz may deliver wallops of unblinking cynicism in telling stories of best friends, life's tribulations and the occasional neighborhood bank robbery, he’s always quick to balance it with a dose of self-reflection... and sometimes even self-loathing. In the end, and above all else, No Luck is really about letting it all hang out and having a good time. When life gets you down and you can't catch a break, just remember not to sweat it. Forged Artifacts is excited to deliver this collection of fuzz trips digitally and on limited edition cassettes.