“I couldn’t overcome feeling I’d been dropped into the novel world of Cormac McCarthy’s gritty western fiction meets pure Southern Gothic. Lyrics are imbued with a straightforward clarity and darkness. Melodies echo universal hard-scrabble characters and striking vistas….You can nearly feel the fading heart, the grieving, the loss, the warm fluids running across cold fingers.” - Refueled Magazine


“it feels like the late nights spent on porches across America at the end of a party where those remaining are a little too drunk to get home and so sit, smoke cigarettes and wait for sobriety or dawn, whichever comes first.” – Cakein15.com

“Western Fifth sing a sad little song with perfectly placed piano bits and vocal howls that tug at the heartstrings, making for a great soundtrack to a cold night warmed only by whiskey and neon signs in a dive bar...sounds like a dirtier, grittier Wilco, with a touch of Up Records-era Modest Mouse, thanks to their howling guitars and strange, raspy voices." - MFR

"There are many, many points in the music where a lethargic phrase all of a sudden takes a breath and then slams into you with what can only be called full-on lethargy, akin to being broadsided by a bus." - howwastheshow.com