West of Aldine has evolved from a small acoustic trio into a hot groove-oriented group in the past 2 years. They pride themselves on their genre flexibility by taking the constricting box of "pop" music and twisting it in a way that makes it flow with unique vocal precision and rhythmic articulation. The hooks are always catchy, the melodies are created with character, and the drums carry the dance floor. West of Aldine doesn't participate in a good time, they create it.

Along with touring all over the Midwest, they are currently in the middle of a self-initiated Keep The Music high school tour where they donate 20% of merchandise proceeds to music departments all over the states of MN & WI. Their freshman album - Undivided - was released on February 1, 2013 at the Fine Line Music Cafe. The band recently performed multiple showcases at both SXSW & RedGorilla Music Festivals in Austin, TX. They were also just awarded Best Overall Performance at the 2013 Beloit International Film & Music Festival. As always, stay tuned - more to come!