VonVeederVeld is a three piece psychedelic rock band from the mystical Black Hills of South Dakota. The guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter is Judah Diaz. He blends simple, yet mesmerizing guitar with beautifully layered songs that transport the listener to the innermost places of existence, where there are no lines between conscience and unconscious thought. Diaz's lyrics are drenched with myth, riddles, and transcend time, keeping even serious listeners guessing.


The bassist/guitarist is Tracy Miller. Miller's bass playing invades your mind, and forces it to paint pictures of eerie landscapes, where horror is delight, causing you to crave the darkest regions within yourself. The sounds transmitted from his instrument could easily be heard in a 1970's horror film. As a guitar player, Tracy's style is the yin to Diaz's yang. Where Diaz is standing on the outskirts of town playing beautiful rhythm and leads, Tracy comes in like a car crash being twisted through the air by a tornado.

The man who sits behind the drums is Mr. Jeff Thrash. Jeff is the elder of the tribe, and a pillar of the Black Hills music scene. He has been playing with various metal and hard rock bands, dating back to the 1980's. Jeff is the nicest guy in rock n' roll, unless you are a stretch of highway, at which point, he will blaze over you like an outlaw on the run after getting caught cheating at poker.

These men, and the individual ingredients they bring to the table, create a feast that will not only satisfy the hunger of the young and eager listener, but it also quenches the thirst of the time worn connoisseurs of the genre. They do bring a "touch" of the time tested "known", but assurance will be put in the fact, this is NO atavistic endeavor. These men don't march to the beat of the "same ol'" drummer, and for that matter, they don't march to the beat of ANY drummer, they only march to the shrieking of the peacocks that surround their property known as "Little Pink".