Simple. Rocking. Raw. Virgin Whores hit the stage with a brick wall of sound, reminiscent of old school punk/hardcore. Formed in the summer of 2003 after collaborating for a tribute to Joe Strummer, the Virgin Whores have torn up stages like Triple Rock, Hairy Mary's, 1st Avenue, Turf Club, Uptown Bar and many others across the midwest.

With scathing lyrics and commanding stage presence, the Virgin Whores have performed with The Germs, D.R.I., Krum Bums, The Briggs, Angel City Outcasts, Everybody's Out, The Dragons, The Effigies, The Arrivals, Wednesday Night Heroes, as well as Minneapolis heavyweights such as Dillinger Four, EightySixed, A-Bomb Nation, Corpse Show Creeps, and many others.