Valet was Formed in 1998 when drummer Judd Hildreth asked singer Robin Kyle if he would like to start a band. They proceeded to make 3 records of mid tempo indie rock music with rather obscure lyrics and play very drunken and sloppy shows around the midwest and east coast over the next 7 years. Thankfully this approach did not pay off for the band and the members took a break to focus on more fulfilling activities like being fathers and husbands.

5 years and 9 kids later they got back together to enjoy each others company and see if they could still play their instruments. As it turned out they discovered they were now more capable than ever. Less booze and more wisdom had infused this formerly mediocre group with new abilities and insight and they recorded a comeback record that made them and their families proud, The Truth Might not be Here released in 2015 on Guilt Ridden Pop has changed everything in the world of pop music and will forever be hailed as the solid cornerstone catapulting the band into its most prolific phase, as their 547 Facebook likers await with baited breath their follow up record, Permanent Culture.