Valaska’s latest LP, 2012's Natural Habitat, is a true test to Dave Valdez, the man behind the band. For the first time, Dave has a record that truly has the ability to make an impact in the indie music world. Commitment is a value Valaska has held close, and it has paid off. Just as Valaska returns home from a month long tour in February, there are no breaks. Now is the time for premieres, interviews, shows, photos, videos, and other potential goals to further the awareness and success of Valaska. Slowing down is moving backwards. There is no slowing down when you're committed to moving forward, through thick and thin.

Beginning his musical career with his Grandma’s acoustic guitar, Dave Valdez became involved in local music in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. After years of performing and touring in pop/rock bands, Dave decided to take his own approach and started writing. Valaska’s self-titled EP, released in March of 2010, showed great potential and gained Valaska many opportunities for shows and press, although Dave was unfulfilled. After some time taken off to write and hone his craft, Dave began changing his style to a much more raw and real sound. “I didn’t feel like my first record was truly me. After spending time away from the songs and working on what came to me, I realized I had just hit the tip of my writing nature.”

After time well spent writing solid, new, and personal material; Valaska headed back into the studio with Aaron Marsh, Producer/Engineer and lead singer of a popular indie band, Copeland, at The Vanguard Room in Lakeland, FL. With the help of Aaron, Valaska was able to create exactly what Dave had in mind. Not only did he spend many weeks with Aaron, he also spent many weeks at home recording the record through tape. Dave didn’t want to lose the feel and strength behind live home recordings. So it was incorporated into the album, making the new record both indie and polished. “People can take this record any way they want, and see in it what they will. I have a lot of faith in this record, but it was a record I created by myself in my room. I was alone with my thoughts and reactions, related to my relationships and life in general. I’ve always wanted to write a record that shows true meaning behind the words and expression it creates. Natural Habitat is my first test toward that goal.”