U.S. BASTARDS started originally as U.S. Brass, a rock and roll trio in the summer of 2007 consisting of Brent Purgason, Peter Simms and Josh Price. John Kelly was quickly added as a second guitar player to complete the wall of sound. The band would play their first show in November 2007 at the Richmond Tattoo Convention hosted by the late Billy Eason. The material performed would end up making the first album, most of which was written in 2005 after Purgason left Richmond rock band, The Deviltones in pursuit of a different sound.

A few friends have come and gone as players in the band and in 2010 the U.S. BRASS HAS NO CLASS EP was released in limited numbers with Brian Porter on drums and Zack O'Carroll (Antietam 1862, Humungus) on bass guitar. Fast forward to 2012 Jeremy Dutra came aboard on drums and the band returned to being a three piece with Kelly moving from guitar to bass. That same year Purgason assumed lead guitar duties in the legendary band of intergalactic scumdogs known as GWAR. As of 2014 the band started working on their second full length and the sound had evolved quite a bit since the beginning. U.S. BRASS became U.S. BASTARDS, playing music that's faster, harder and darker than before.