Typhoon is the name that Minnesota dj and producer Anthony John has used to promote himself for nearly a decade. Over this time his driving progressive style has gradually expanded from mostly trance and house to include breakbeats, techno and a splash of electro. While both djing and producing are equally exciting for him, on special occasions he will perform live with drum machines, samplers and sequencers.

From as early as he can remember Anthony has been using computer controlled devices to discover and create music, but it took until the late 90's before he became aware of the dance scene. In 1999 he created a website (MNRave.com) for him and his friends to report on the many events going on in the midwest states, which once was even featured on an evening news rave hit-piece. The website was a springboard for some immediate early success, offering to him a club residency and out-of-state gigs at the age of twenty.

Over the next few years he would go on to dj many more house parties and smaller shows, gradually becoming more focused on producing music. He began writing a handfull of breakbeat tracks under the names of 'Scapegoat' and 'Smart-Aleck', sometimes even performing them along with an MC. It was not until he put together his track "Medusa's Escape" that he chose to switch back to the name 'Typhoon' and begin using 'Smart-Aleck' as his personal brand. Around the beginning of 2009 the 'Typhoon' moniker fell into a period of disuse as new tracks and mixes were produced under the names 'Anthony John' or 'Anthony K'. All new productions will continue to be released as 'Anthony K' with selected DJ performances as 'Typhoon'.