Staggering forward through the sound, you stumble upon a moonlit reflection of yourself in the onslaught of a cultural earthquake spewing over the fallacies of mundane predilections as if it were waking up from a long stagnant dream that's echoing some sort of alien familiarity, which you can't seem to put your foot on even though you've got the vague notion that it's reminiscent of something like the kind you'd find to save a rabbit, or... Wait! Was that just the ramblings of the slobbering drunk next to you at the bar? How long has he been talking? Is he really there? How the hell did you get here? Who are these freaks?

...The menacing tide washes away slowly, and you find yourself pulled into the wake of a flood. You're apprehensive for a moment, but you've still got dry socks and a heart riding along to the translucent rhythms. Besides, who really gives a damn, right? What do you have to lose other than your mind? Suddenly, a note hits you, which strikes a chord, deep within your core, and it makes you feel the vibrations of the world existing solely as you perceive it while you manifest your own realms, letting them radiate through the conceptions of your conceived notions of emotions in your physical surroundings.

You leave all of that behind as you descent upon on a hazed out dance floor, moving to the melody of misguided self-awareness until finally reaching an outward collapse and writhing for answers with further questions overshadowing the basic intentions of your current existence now bouncing across these sonic seconds falling into days of years before blinking your locked-in eyes. The day-glow light of tomorrow depends on today. Tune out. Burn on. Freak out... Go through the void of looking glass. Set yourself free.....

Dr. Beard - Vocals and Theremin
Cody Lamb - Guitar
Mark Miller - Drums
Joseph Pogue - Bass