"bloody ace" - NME

"Total Babe's recently released EP, Heatwave, is breathtakingly accomplished, with complicated melodies and fully realized pop sensibilities. The songs are full of sweet sadness and sparkle. The music has a floating quality to it, like doing the backstroke in a clear lake while staring at the sky." - City Pages

"Heatwave is pure bliss... they possess a finely tuned sound that captures everything like the great like the Velvet Underground stood for: low-fi and raw. Softer than the Vivian Girls and as happy as Belle and Sebastian, Total Babe will bring out your sentimental twee side." - BUST Magazine

" indie-pop, finding a safe haven between chamber-pop and indie-rock to produce work that is strikingly memorable through its lavish hooks and outstanding vocal work." - Obscure Sound

"It seems to happen every couple of years in the Twin Cities music scene: a band of teenagers comes along and reminds everyone that rock 'n' roll is still very much a young person's game. "Heatwave," bears vague echoes of orchestral pop groups such as Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian, with a little Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley-ish purring... Most of the songs are light and brooding but playful and lushly arranged..." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

"I dread saying something along the lines of “they’re playing music that is mature beyond their years,” “Total Babe is the next big thing,” or “you’ll be hearing about them a lot in future.” And I won’t. But if someone were to say any of those things, I wouldn’t disagree." - Culture Bully

"Heatwave is a late entry, but most definitely one of the must have records of the year." - Rock Sellout

"Heatwave traffics in the sort of nostalgic indie-pop perfected by foreign acts like Niza and La Buena Vida, rooted in 1960s harmonies and just the right amount of twee adorability. Salyer and her two high school-aged bandmates (guitarist Jordan Gatesmith and violinist Lizzie Carolan) have produced a set of tunes whose catchy hooks and fleshed out ideas stand on their own, the age of their performers notwithstanding." - One Track Mind

"Listening to Total Babe is as rewarding as hooking up with a perfect 10" - Inside Your Speakers