Duluth singer-songwriter / multi-media artist Toby Thomas Churchill released his acclaimed second solo record, Where Is My Rumspringa Darling?, on Chaperone Records in November 2014 to rave reviews, and a growing buzz in the Minneapolis music scene. 

Churchill's dynamic live band is comprised of Danny Cosgrove, his longtime collaborator in The Alrights, along with the Grave Trio rhythm section (Roma di Luna, WAREY) consisting of James Everest (Lateduster) Ryan Lovan (Romantica) and guitarist / producer Ben Durrant (Andrew Bird, DOSH), who recorded the new TTC album at his Crazy Beast studio in Minneapolis. 

from 89.3 Local Current Blog:

“the new album from Toby Thomas Churchill, Where is My Rumspringa Darling?, is one of the best I’ve heard this year… one of the most underrated songwriters in Minnesota [has] crafted an irresistible collection of psychedelic pop songs that will turn your serotonin levels all the way up and have you screaming for more.”                        

“There are layers upon layers to Churchill’s new record—which is the second solo album he’s recorded after spending a decade with beloved Duluth power-pop band the Alrights—and it’s hard to resist digging in and pulling out comparisons from one era of pop music or another. One minute there is the lonely garage-rock crooning of John Lennon, and it’s followed by the playful subversiveness of the Flaming Lips, the extraterrestrial synth beats of Of Montreal, and the sexy electro-funk of modern artists like Tickle Torture. But the comparisons all fall short because Churchill has also established such a strong voice of his own that the entire album sounds like it’s undeniably his.” [Andrea Swensson]