Tired Tongues; the result of change based on previous circumstances by electroclash musician, composer, & producer, Taylor Nelson and drummer Adam Szczepaniak, of Minneapolis, MN. The duo of Tired Tongues came together when hard hitting electronic music clashed un-forcefully with hammering guitar riffs and larger than life synths, only to be duetted by the filling sounds of an aggressive drumming style. Using multiple yet subtle effects, Nelson’s vocals cut through with a clear voice that wraps around each track, pinning all of the pieces together.

At first, Tired Tongues was Nelson’s solo electronic project. It wasn’t until after he started the composing process for Exes in Logic, that Szczepaniak jumped on board and helped reshape the music for a live setting. This led into Tired Tongues developing a sound and a thoughtful direction. The band then hit the ground running in early 2014 writing and recording their debut six song EP, Exes with Adam Tucker of Signaturetone Recording. The thick, dense elements of the duo creates a truly unique sound more akin to a five piece band which will work into playlists of multiple genres.