The Girls! are a 6-piece power pop band from Columbus, Ohio, formed in 2011, notable for mixing melodic, upbeat instrumentals with vocals characterized by tragic lyrics about love and heartbreak. They are remarkable for the strength of Jessica Wabbit's songwriting and vocals, and the band's solid arrangements/diverse musical influences.

Jessica Wabbit, Ryan Vile, Joey Blackheart, and Big Nick met each other playing the Columbus music scene in bands such as Carson Drew, Joey Blackheart and the Gallows, and The Reacharounds. In a period where no one was attached to a particular band, they ended up partying and drinking a lot of beer together at Ryan's house, and playing new songs for each other. So they started a band, and while most prior bands had more punk or metal sounds, everyone was very interested in the more poppy sound from Wabbit's history.

After messing around for a while with the original lineup and writing songs, Ryan brought in his old Reacharounds bandmate Bent to play bass. Raeghan from Dead Girlfriends filled in on drums one day, and then hung out and partied until the group added her. The band released their first 7" single "Rodney" on Oct 5, 2012, and their debut full-length album Let's Not Be Friends on April 18, 2014. Joey Blackheart passed away on July 9, 2014. The band has continued on and added Joe Damn on lead guitar.