Teammates was formed in February 2012, when former drummer Adam Teirab left a band called Human Bear Trap. Following this departure, remaining members Alan Skamser-O’Neil, Brady Mielke, and Dan Kasper scrapped most of the project and focused all work on a few new songs instead. Lacking a drummer, they turned what was before a dominantly guitar-driven sound into one built from drum loops and synth experiments. Energy was low and tentative while the band transitioned, and the few shows they booked under the new name during this period would have been better off in someone else’s hands.

It was at one of these nervous shows, barely salvaged with a temporary drummer’s help, that they met John Acarregui. Acarregui was then playing in electro-pop group Tiger Vs., and caught everyone’s attention with an authoritative performance. Two weeks later he was looking for extra projects, and Teammates immediately pulled him into the group. This was in April 2012. One year later, the group was fully re-energized and in the midst of recording an EP’s worth of material on the 3rd floor of the Soap Factory in Northeast Minneapolis. Having completed the fully-DIY debut project (entitled Art Thief EP), the band is set to expand, play louder, and explore further.