LaTroy Dante Gordon also known as T.A.Y.E was born in Gary, Indiana. When T.A.Y.E was 2 years old his family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the age of 9 years old, he started to write short stories. During his high school years, he wanted to impress girls, so he started writing poetry. After graduating high school, he started to write rhymes. Once T.A.Y.E got to college, he started a rap group with two close friends. The rap group was called “The Pyramid.” During his time with “The Pyramid,” they released two albums, Win At All Cost and They Want to See Me Fail. To get their name out, the group gave out free copies of their CD at Baker College in Muskegon, Michigan.


Being in this group taught T.A.Y.E how to work as a team with other people. Unfortunately, the group severed ties a year after because they all wanted to do different things. After breaking up with the group, T.A.Y.E spent some time away from the music scene. In 2007, he moved back to Minnesota and decided to start his music career as a solo artist. While T.A.Y.E was in “The Pyramid,” he went by D-Tae. After finding out, D-Taye was taken by another artist; he decided to go by T.A.Y.E. The meaning of T.A.Y.E is more than just apart of his middle name. T.A.Y.E means (Truly Ambitious Young Entrepreneur).

In 2008 he met Contrast Muzic. He discovered they both had a great love for music. They decided to record a mixtape together titled Bred for Greatness. This mixtape was received well which encouraged T.A.Y.E to record more material as a solo artist. To date He has released 3 mixtapes Lonely at the Bottom, Feel Good Muzic, and Retrospect. In the summer of 2010, T.A.Y.E started to perform onstage at different venues around the Twins Cities. Some of the venues he performed at included First Avenue, the Loring Theater and Cause Soundbar. In September 2011, T.A.Y.E decided to start his own label called “BFG Entertainment.” In October 2011, T.A.Y.E put together a show at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis titled “Down South 2 up North.” This featured artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Houston, Texas. The show was a success. Currently, T.A.Y.E is working on his solo debut album called Long Overdue. The album is scheduled for a fall release. He not only wants to make good music, but he wants to make the BFG Entertainment label a household name.