Taj Raj's elemental and atmospheric brand of indie-folk transports the listener to a world of its own making. Ethereal guitar melodies, earthy acoustic fingerpicking, breezy vocal harmonies, classical piano, and a driving rhythm section support stories inspired by English and German folklore. After two EPs and five years, the five members of Taj Raj have combined their distinctly unique musical backgrounds, including classical, folk, hardcore, punk, and shoegaze, settling into a sonic universe where aggression, grandeur, and sorrow can co-exist in a moment, ricocheting against one another amidst layers of reverberating melodies. Reflections on love, longing, and jealously are folded into layers of myth and set against musical textures that shimmer, like the Northern Lights, in and out of prominence. Taj Raj's Night Speech is emotionally loaded--but it's more than a journal entry. The band builds its own distinct world and fills it with characters whose voices can be heard by any listener with the spirit for a journey.