A DJ for over 17 years, Sydeburnz has seen it all. From house parties and Hip-Hop clubs in Omaha to the very depths of the underground scene across the midwest and beyond. Later, coming straight from the land of OZ (Kansas), he began his career in the rave scene pioneering the UK sound in the Midwest. Combining elements of UK Hard House, NrG, UK Tech, Acid Trance and Italian Techno, he left the crowd exhausted, but wanting more. With articulate mixes, spontaneous track selection and skillful use of the Pioneer effects box; he truly carved out a niche and created his own unique style.


Over the years, his hunger for experiencing new things and his curiosity for new sounds has brought him to where he is today. With the addition of Stantons Final Scratch, he has been able to experiment with other styles of electronic music and can now be heard playing his special blend of Minimal Techno, Glitchy House and Electro. There is also a bit of down-tempo in his arsenal, so he can almost always play a style to suit the timeslot. "Sure, I could play just about anything, but the Minimal Hotness is where it's at. It's deep, wet and sexy - and it's fresh!"