Sunset Rollercoaster is a 6-piece alternative rock band from Taiwan, including members: Tseng Kuo Hung(vocal / guitar), Chen Hung Li (bass), Lo Tsun Lung (drum), Wang Shao Hsuan (keyboard), Huang Shih Wei (drum pads / percussion), Huang HaoTing (Saxophone). The band’s musical style fuses multiple genres, from soul to garage to psychedelic tock to synth-pop. It is considered a city-pop icon in Asia.

Sunset Rollercoaster’s first album Bossa Nova was self-released in 2011, with immediate critical acclaim. After the debut tour in Taiwan and Japan — including playing at Summer Sonic Festival, the band went on a hiatus to refocus on other projects. In 2015, Sunset Rollercoaster reunited and released the EP Jinji Kikko in the following year. The band then toured around Asia with sold out shows in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. They also did a US tour, in which the band played at SummerStage Festival in Central Park.

Sunset Rollercoaster released its second full-length album Cassa Nova in March 2018, followed by the Vanilla Villa EP in May 2019.