The Sudden Lovelys formed in the summer of 2010. Shortly after, they released a six song EP titled Songs From A Hallway which was recorded in the hallway of their home in Nordeast Minneapolis. In 2011, after their first ever nationwide tour, they graduated to a humble home studio in the basement and proceeded to record three full length albums. The albums were released unofficially as Part 1: Red Rose In A Yellow Army, Part 2: Big White Circle, and Part 3: Liquid Silver.

Each album has it's own vibe along with a raw and organic sound, due to the fact that the bulk of the recording was done live and in one or two takes. Red Rose In a Yellow Army is quiet, calm and is focused more on story telling. Big White Circle shows some teeth and intensity while mixing in a few charmers. Liquid Silver is deep lyrically and at times dark in nature. In 2012, after recording an album intended for the entire family titled, In A Musical World, The Sudden Lovelys released a double album of studio recordings called Fiasco. These 30 recordings were completed just before The Sudden Lovelys officially formed in 2010. Fiasco is considered the true beginning of the band.

The Lovelys' music has a message of substance, in some songs you have to listen closely to catch it, others not so much. Some songs are quiet and pretty, some are haunting and dark. Some are sweet and charming, some are raw and aggressive. The Lovelys are very proud of what they're able to accomplish completely independently. As far as the music is concerned, Daniel writes, plays guitar, sings, and kicks a vintage red suitcase like a bass drum. Paige also sings, slaps a cymbal with a tambourine, and plays a slew of funky hand percussion. While performing, their biggest joy is the connection shared with a responsive audience. There is a humble passion and honesty in their live show that can not be denied.