Bandmates since childhood, Singer/Guitarist/Frontman Adam Prince and kid brother/drummer Ian Prince grew up in a musical family in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A grown-up move to the Twin Cities and various stints in well-known local bands (Manplanet and Houston) eventually led them back to what they know best: each other. They began STORY OF THE SEA as a guitar and drums two-piece, initially noted for Ian’s famous airtight skills on the kit. The brothers then added stand-out bass talent John McEwen from Align to record their first LP.


Lunar Co. is a darker, richer collection of songs than the group’s lauded debut effort, Enjoying Fire. No sophomore slump, it’s smartly mixed by J. Robbins, complete with donated tambourine and satisfying, feel-good handclaps over “Own Device”’s plinky coda. The new line-up adds more depth and texture, as expected; a more melodic resonance including some terrific 70’s three-part vocal harmonies and keyboards.

DAVID CAMPBELL is host of "Radio Free Current," Saturdays 7-11 p.m. and "The Local Show," Sundays 6-8 p.m. Campbell is a long-time veteran of the Twin Cities scene. A fan, musician, record store clerk, record label staffer, and a 10-year staffer of KQRS and Drive 105's "Homegrown," Campbell's love for Minnesota music makes him a perfect fit for The CurrentBest FM Radio Personality 2010, City Pages

JIM MCGUINN joined MPR's The Current in January 2009 as Program Director and on-air host, moving to the Twin Cities from Philadelphia, and WXPN. From seeing the Clash for his first concert, Jim has been hooked on rock and roll-- and whether it was radio programming, playing bass, or even teaching university level courses like Rock and Roll Cinema and Radio History. Jim has received numerous accolades for his innovative programming, and was even named Best AAA Air Personality in 2008 by Radio and Records. He lives in Saint Paul with his wife Christine, son Jameson, and cat Sylvia.